Watch the video given below and then answer the questions



Nursery/LKG (Q# 1-3)


Q1 – What did the hunter lay on the ground to trap the birds?    



Q2 – What do the birds eat?



Q3 – What is a group of birds called?



LKG/UKG (Q# 4-5)


Q4 – How many birds do you see on the tree?



Q5 – Which castle is wider – left or right?



UKG/1st (Q# 6-7)


Q6 – The hunter trapped 8 birds and put them in the cage. There were already 7 birds in the cage. How many birds are there in the cage now?



Q7 – The hunter trapped a total of 15 birds. If he put 5 of them in the cage and let all other birds go. Then how many birds did he let go?





Activity Time


Take the help of your parents and figure out some interesting facts about the national bird of India.














A1 – A net.


A2 – They eat nuts and grains.


A3 – A flock of birds.


A4 – 12 birds.


A5 – Right.


A6 – 15 (8+7)


A7 – 10 (15-5)