Watch the video given below and then answer the questions




Nursery/LKG (Q# 1-3)

Q1 –What is the kid wearing on his feet?


Q2 – What colour are the sofas in the image?


Q3 – What is the spider making?


 LKG/UKG (Q# 4-5)

Q4 – How many ants do you see in the image?


Q5 – If every Ant needs to carry his own food item, then how many more food items do they need?


UKG/1st(Q# 6-7)

Q6 –If you go out for skating at 5 P.M. and return at 7 P.M., then how long did you play for?


Q7 – If one roller skate has 4 tyres, then how many tyres would a pair of roller skates have?


Activity Time – Let’s explore the letter ‘Q’.

Write the names of at least 3 things that start with a ‘Q’. 😁











A1 – Roller Skates

A2 – The sofas are green in colour, it has both light and dark green shades.

A3 – Spider is making a web.

A4 – 5.

A5 – They will need 2 more food items since 2nd and last pair of Ants are having only one food item.

A6 You played for 2 hours. (7-5).

A7 – 8 (4X2).

Explanation – A pair of roller skates has 2 skates. So if one skate has 4 tyres thrrefore, 2 skates would have 8 tyres