Watch the video given below and then answer the questions



Nursery/LKG (Q# 1-3)

Q1 – Name the animal that you see in the image. (Hint: Its name has been mentioned in the begining of the story)


Q2 – Except for the cuckoo, write the name of a bird which is black in colour.


Q3 – The crow is standing next to which thing?


LKG/UKG (Q# 4-5)

 Q4 – What is this picture about?


– The lion is sleeping.


– The lion is feeling sick.


Q5 – In the above image, the lion is sleeping inside the cave or outside?



UKG/1st (Q# 6-7)


Q6 – Capitalize the names of the people and pets.


– I’m scared of nisha’s pet tuffy.



Q7 – Identify the exclamation.


– Oh no, the lion ate the deer!


– Did you know that the lion ate the deer?


Activity Time

Take the help of your parents and find out the names of at least three birds which do not make their own nests.












A1 – It is a Cuckoo.


A2 – A crow,  European Starling, Common Grackle, Red-winged Blackbird, and Brown-headed Cowbird.


A3 – The crow is standing next to its nest.


A4 – In the picture,


– The lion is sleeping.


A5 – The lion is sleeping outside the cave.


A6 – The correct sentence is


– I’m scared of Nisha’s pet Tuffy.