Watch the video given below and then answer the questions






Nursery/LKG (Q# 1-3)



Q1 – Which snack did the boy get for lunch?




Q2 – What colour is the lunch box?




Q3 – What is the kid wearing in her neck?





LKG/UKG (Q# 4-5)



Q4 – How many chairs and tables do you see in the image?




Q5 – Where did the kid keep all the lunch boxes – inside or outside the bag?





UKG/1st(Q# 6-7)



Q6 – If Rohan brought 8 cookies and one of his friends ate 3 out of those. Then how many cookies are left with him?




Q7 – If a boy brought 3 lunch boxes and each of them contained 2 cookies. Then how many cookies were there in total?





Activity Time –


Name at least three different snacks that you can take in your lunch.













A1 – He brought cookies.


A2 – Purple.


A3 – She is wearing a neck tie.


A4 – 7 chairs and 3 tables.


A5 – The kid kept the boxes outside the bag.


A6 5 (8-3)


A7 – 6 (3X2)





Happy Learning

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