Watch the video given below and then answer the questions



Q1 –How many doves are there in the image?

Q2 – What is the shape of the sceneries hanging on the wall?

Q3 –Which fruits and vegetables have been shown in the image?

Q4 –What is the girl holding in her hand?

Q5 –What was the girl’s favoritehobby?

Q6 –There are 6 Frogs in the pond. 2 new frogs come into the pond. How many total Frogs are in the Pond now?



Q7 – There were 8 Frogs in a pond. A snake came and gobbled up 3. How many Frogs are left in the pond?












A1 – 5

A2 – Rectangular

A3 – Watermelon, Brinjal (Egg Plant) and Carrots

A4 – An Axe

A5 – Gardening

A6 –8 (6+2)

A7 – 5 (8-3)



Activity time –Let’s explore the garden/park.


Take your parents to the park in front of your house or if you have a garden in your house then go there.  Find out how many different kinds of flowers are there. Try to observe the different colors of flowers.


Happy Learning

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