Watch the video given below and then answer the questions


Q1 – What did Tia and Tofu buy from the shop?

Q2 – How many buckets of popcorn did they buy?


Q3 – What did the neighbor offer to the boy?


Q4 – Name at least three things that you can find inside a cinema hall.

Q5 – Where do people keep their books?

Q6 – If one glass of milk costs Rs 4. How much will three glasses of milk cost?

Q7 – Un-jumble the following words. Hint: All of these are animals which give us milk

  1. B A L O F U F
  2.  T O A G
  3. L A C M E


Activity Time –

Reach out to your refrigerator and find out all the items made form milk



A1 – They purchased popcorns.

A2 – They purchased two buckets of popcorn.

A3 – She offered a glass of milk to the boy.

A4 – Screen, Chairs, Audience, Dustbins, Eatables.

A5 – They keep it on a bookshelf.

A6 – 12 (4X3)

A7 – The words are as follows:
– Buffalo
– Goat
– Camel


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