Watch the video given below and then answer the questions


Q1 – What is the name of the plant shown in the image below and how many birds are there on it?

Q2 – Which game are the kids playing?

Q3 – Name the three different plants/flowers you saw in the story.

Q4 – What is the colour of the rose?

Q5 – How did the birds drink water from the cactus?

Q6 – 3 birds drank water from the cactus. After some time, 4 more birds came and drank from the cactus. While they were drinking water 2 more birds joined them. In total, how many birds drank water from the cactus?



Q7 – UNJUMBLE the words to find the flower:




Activity time – Let’s explore the Roses today.

Do you have a garden or a park near your house? If you do, then visit the place try to find out at-least three different types of flowers.












A1 – The name of the plant is Cactus. There are 3 birds on it.

A2 – Chess.

A3 – Rose, Sunflower and Cactus.

A4 – Red.

A5 – They drank water from the Cactus using their beaks.

A6 – 9 (3+4+2)


Happy learning

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