Watch the video given below and then answer the questions



Q1 – What are the three different colours of books on the table?


Q2 – What is the master holding in his hand?



Q3 – What is the man reading in the image?


Q4 – While walking, what did the master and the boy come upon?



Q5 – What did the boy’s father do?

Q6 – The master asked the boy to pull out 5 plants. If the boy pulled out 4 more plants, then how many plants in total would the boy have pulled out?

Q7 – There are 5 saplings in the garden. A goat east 3 of them. How many saplings are now left in the garden?

A1 – Red, Blue and Pink
A2 – A Stick
A3 – Newspaper
A4 – A little sapling. A sapling is a young tree, say more than 1 year and less than 3 years old.
A5 – He was a businessman.
A6 – 9 (5+4)
A7 – 2 (5-3)

Activity Time

As your mother about 3 good habits of your and 3 habits that they want you to change

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