Let’s have some fun today but be sure to take your parents’ permission before doing this.

Find a mirror in your home. Rub your fingertips on your forehead and then put your fingers on the mirror (or mobile screen). When you remove your fingers, do you see any mark there?

Have you ever wondered what is that mark? Well, that mark is called your fingerprint. But what’s special about them? Let’s find out.

If you look at your fingertips you will find some ridges which form some patterns. These ridges are filled with oil and sweat released by our fingers. This sticky film of sweat and oil leaves behind a print when we touch anything and this print is called fingerprint.

Scientists have grouped similar patterns into three broad categories – Arch, Loop, and Whorl. Check out what do yours look like by watching the image below.

Fun Facts

👉No two fingerprints are same. This means that your fingerprints are unique and there is nobody in the world that they match to.

👉Even identical twins who have much in common, have different fingerprints.

👉Because of this reason, fingerprints are used to identify the criminals. One such criminal, once burnt his fingers by putting them in the acid hoping that new skin will have new fingerprints. When the skin regenerated, he had the same fingerprints.

👉Just like fingerprints, our retinal print (eyes’ black portion) and tongue prints are also unique.

👉It is difficult to get fingerprints on carpets and clothes as they absorb the oils, but it is not impossible.

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