You must have heard of the famous giant Anaconda.🐍 Guess where it’s found? The Amazon river, which flows through Brazil and 6 other countries.

Amazon River is the largest and the second-longest river in the world (after the Nile River). The total length of this river🌊 is approximately 6,400 kilometres. That’s double of the entire length of India!!!

It is located in South America and runs through Guyana, Ecuador, Bolivia, Venezuela, Brazil, Peru and Columbia. (Globe🌎 time!!!)

There are almost 3000 known species of fishes that live in the Amazon River. Piranha, a type of dangerous meat-eating fish🐟 is also found here.

Fun Facts

👉 This river is so huge that it is said to be responsible for one-fifth of the fresh water that reaches the oceans. Wow!!!

👉 It has so vast dimensions that it has got a nickname ‘The River Sea’.

👉 Majorly, the Amazon runs through rainforests so no bridge has ever been made to cross the river.

👉 An athlete once swam almost the entire length of the Amazon River, in 66 days.

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