Yasser Arafat was a Palestinian political leader who led Palestinian people’s resistance✊ against the Israeli occupation of their territory for nearly 50 years.

He was one of the most divisive🤔 figures of the 20th century.

While the majority of the Palestinian people view him as a heroic freedom fighter and martyr😇, most Israeliscontinue to regard him as a terrorist👿.


Early Life


Arafat was born in 1929 in Cairo, Egypt.

He embraced Arab nationalism in his youth and started helping Palestinian fighters resisting🤺 the Israeli occupation of Palestine.


Took Charge


In 1959, Arafat founded Fatah, a political and military group👥, which was a part of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO).

In 1967 he became the chairman of PLO.

Arafat led several attacks🔥 against Israel from various Arab territories.


Changed his stance


As his long campaign against Israel failed😒 to bring the desired results, Arafat recognized the ground realitiesand eventually softened his stand against Israel.

He began negotiations with the Israeli govt. which led to a peace agreement🤝 between the two sides in 1993.

It resulted in the establishment of the Palestinian Authority🏛 with Arafat becoming its president.


Bestowed with Nobel Prize


For their peace initiatives, Arafat along with Israeli leaders Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres were jointly awarded the Nobel Peace Prize🏵 in 1994.


Loss of Stature


In the mid-90s🗓, Fatah began to lose support among the Palestinians amid the growth↗ of other militant rivals such as Hamas.

Post-2000, Arafat’s health began deteriorating🤮.

He died in Nov. 2004.

His funeral⚰, attended by lakhs is one of the biggest funeral processions ever.