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Sir Don Bradman, often referred to as “The Don”, was an Australian cricketer, who dominated the sport🏏 throughout the 1930’s and 40’s.

It is for this reason that he is widely acknowledged as the greatest batsman😎 of all time.

Early years

Bradman was born in 1908 in a small Australian town.

During his childhood👦, he used to practice with a cricket stump and a golf ball in his backyard.

Unbelievable Stats

Due to the ongoing World War II, Bradman played only 52 tests🙁 in his entire career.

Still, he scored 29 centuries✌ and made 6,996 test runs in total.

His career test batting average of 99.94 is often regarded the greatest achievement👌 by any sportsman in any major sport.

The Bodyline Saga

On their 1933 Ashes tour of Australia, the English team resorted to a controversial😟 bowling strategy called ‘bodyline’ to check Bradman’s batting dominance.

Under it, the English fast-bowlers consistently bowled bouncers😩 aimed at Bradman and others Australian batsmen’s bodies to keep them from scoring.

Despite this unsporting tactic😈, Bradman finished the series with an impressive batting average of 56.

An anti-climax

In 1948, while playing at Lords🏟 in his last test innings, Bradman needed to score just 4 runs to have finished his career at an astonishing batting average of 100.

However, he got out for a duck😨.

It is one of the most tragic moments😭 in cricket’s history.

Awards and Accolades

In 1979, Bradman was honoured with Australia’s highest civil award🏵.

A museum🖼 dedicated to Bradman’s life was opened during his lifetime.

He passed away in 2001.