If you love your parent’s smartphones📱, then you should know about Graham Bell, for he was the one who invented the first telephone📞 (and it was nothing like your smartphone).

Bell was born on March 3, 1847 in Edinburgh, Scotland. From his early childhood, Bell was fascinated by sound and speech one reason for this was that his mother was nearly deaf, and he was very close to her. Later on, he married one of his students who was also completely deaf.

Bell was a brilliant child and showed great interest in machines. His first invention was at the age of 12. His best friend’s father had a flour mill. When Bell got to know from his friend that the most laborious part of the mill was manual dehusking, he invented a de-husker which was made from pedals and nail brushes. This machine was used for many years at the mill and in return, the mill owner gave Bell a small space to carry out their experiments. It was his first lab.

Graham Bell, then went on to become a teacher👨🏻‍🏫 at a Deaf and Mute school. He was so fascinated with the science of sound and speech that he could manipulate the lips and vocal cord of his pet dog🐶 in a way that his growling appeared like human speech. This convinced the onlookers that Bell had a talking dog.

He then started working on the invention, for which he will be known for centuries to come. He invented the telephone using the science of sound and electricity.

He spoke the historic first words on a telephone, to his assistant in the next room and they were, “Mr Watson, come here. I want to see you”.

To know more about Graham Bell, Watch this small video: