Would it be nice if you are a king at the age of 16, and ruler of half the world at the age of 32? Well, Alexander, The Great was all of this, and more.😎

He was born over 2,300 years ago in Macedonia. (Globe🌍 Time!!!)

He is the first king👑 to be called “The Great” because he is considered one of the greatest military geniuses of all of time.

Alexander died😵 of sudden sickness. No one is sure about how he died, but many suspect he was poisoned.

After his death his entire empire was divided amongst his generals. They ended up fighting with each other which ultimately lead to the fall of his empire.👎

Alexander was famous for getting his means. There is one interesting story about him which goes like this.👇

There was once a knot known as the ‘Gordian Knot’ about which it was said that the one who unties it will rule the world.💪 Alexander wanted to untie the knot but he couldn’t find success. So, he drew his sword and cut the knot in half. Thus, solving the problem.😁


Fun Facts


👉 Alexander loved company of Philosophers. Since he was young, he was taught by Aristotle, one of the greatest Philosophers ever.

👉 In 15 years of conquest, Alexander never lost a battle.

👉 He tamed a wild horse named Bucephalus when he was a kid. It was his main horse until it died of old age.

👉 No one knows where he is buried.


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