Mossad, meaning “Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations“, is the national intelligence agency of Israel.

Mossad is responsible for intelligence collectioncovert operations, and counterterrorism. The goals, structure and powers of the Mossad are exempted from the constitutional laws of the State of Israel.

Its functioning is governed by the procedures that are so secretive that have never been published. Its director answers directly to the Prime Minister.

Some of the most spectacular operations led by Mossad are-

1. Operations Entebbe: An operation advised by Mossad and carried by the Israeli Army. In 1976, an Israeli passenger plane was hijacked and taken to Uganda. Israeli Army landed in Entebbe airport in a plane similar to that of Idi Amin (the dictator of Uganda) and flew back with the passengers.

2. Capturing Eichmann: Adolf Eichmann was one of the major organisers of the Holocaust. He was hiding in Argentina. Mossad captured and brought him to Israel where he was executed by hanging.

3. Revenge for Munich Massacre: A terrorist organisation named ‘Black September’ massacred 11 Olympic athletes in Munich in 1972. Mossad avenged the death by killing every person involved in the massacre.

4. Capturing Vanunu: Vanunu was a nuclear technician who leaked secrets of Israel’s nuclear plans to the rest of the world. A Mossad special agent honey trapped him from Britain to Italy; where he was turned unconscious and brought to Israel where he spent the next 18 years in Prison.

For heroic operations like these, Mossad is considered the most secretive, dangerous and efficient spy agency in the World.