The Leaning Tower of Pisa is a bell🔔 tower in the Italian city of Pisa, known worldwide for its tilt📏 towards one side, the result of an unstable foundation.

It is almost 800 years🗓 old and developed the tilt even while it was being constructed. The tilt is due to the soft subsoil.

Actually, there are many other buildings🏯 in Pisa which have a tilt due to soft soil, but the Leaning Tower is the most famous of them all.

In 1990, the tilt increased↗ to 5 degrees and the structure became really unstable. It took 8 years and hundreds of crores💰 in reducing the tilt and making it stable again.

Do you know?

👉 It took 200 years to build it. It was only because of this slow pace of construction that the tower didn’t collapse.

👉 One of Italy’s Prime Ministers, Benito Mussolini, considered it a national shame and decided to set it straight.After putting a lot of time and money, he only ended up tilting it further.