Burj Khalifa, in Dubai is a highest creation ever done by human. At 828 Meters height, it has 163 stories in it.

Design of Burj Khalifa is inspired by spider lily, a flower that blossoms in the desert. Thus, the building shines with pride in the Arabic dessert. It is surrounded by a man-made lake. Its construction took just 5 years (2004-2009) and 12,000 workers. Compare this to Taj Mahal, which took 20 years and 20,000 workers.

Fun Facts

It has the tallest elevator service.

It has weight equal to 10, 00,000 elephants.

Structure of the Burj khalifa is based on long flower named spider lily.

There are daily 2,50,000 gallon of water consumption.

The building was originally called Burj Dubai, but its name was changed to Burj Khalifa to honor Sheikh Khalifa, the ruler of Dubai.

Burj Khalifa also houses the world’s highest restaurant – Atmosphere on level 122.

The Dubai Fountain, alongside Burj Khalifa holds the record of world’s largest dancing fountain system!

A person named Alain Robert nicknamed French Spiderman once scaled Burj Khalifa on his in just 6 hours.

The exterior of the Burj Khalifa is covered with 26,000 glass panels, all cut individually by hand.

The Burj Khalifa will probably soon lose its many of its ‘highest building in the world’ title. The Kingdom Tower in Jeddah is set to open in 2021, and its height will exceed 1000 metres.

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