It’s the wedding season again and the best part about it is the food🥘 that you get to eat there. Because winter has come, so most people look forward to the hot desserts that are served.😍


One of these famous desserts is jalebi. Jalebi is the alloo of sweets. You can eat it with anything.👍 You can eat it with Samosa, Poha, Pakore and anything spicy. You can pair it with Rabri and enjoy the flavours.😋


You might have seen other popular variations of Jalebi which are known as Imarti and Jahangiri in various parts of the country. But what if we told you that your favourite jalebi is not actually an Indian cuisine? What???😱


Well, it’s true. With the coming of Turkish and Persian traders to India, Jalebi (derived from Arabic word Zulabia) was introduced to Indian cooking and became an integral part of it.👍


Fun fact


👉 Jalebi was formerly known as ‘Jalavallika’ or ‘Kundalika’.


👉 In West Asia, it is known by various names: jilbi, jilipi, jilapi, zelapi, jilapir pak, imrati, jahangiri and so forth.


👉 Jalebi is used as a cure for headaches and cold in northern India and Pakistan.


👉 There is no word for Jalebi in English.


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