People usually call them koala ‘bears’🐨 but these animals aren’t bears at all. They are in fact marsupials.

Marsupials are those animals which deliver incompletely developed babies😮 and then they typically carry them in pouches where their newborns develop, for example, kangaroos.🦘

Like Kangaroos, Koalas are native to Australia.

Their diet mostly consists of eucalyptus leaves🍃 and nothing else! Koalas get almost all their moisture from the leaves they eat, and rarely drink water.🤷‍♂

At birth they are blind and don’t have any ears, but they use their strong senses of touch and smell, as well as their natural instincts to find their way to their mother’s pouch.👍

Fun Facts

👉 A baby koala is called a joey. When a joey is born it is only 2cm long.

👉 When they grow up, they can eat up to 1 kg eucalyptus leaves in a day.

👉 Koalas eat eucalyptus leaves and almost nothing else.

👉 Koalas have similar fingerprints to humans.

👉 Koalas cannot be kept legally as pets.

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