You must have heard this irritating😖 sound while in the playground or in your backyard but have you ever thought who makes this sound?🤔 Well, there is an insect called cricket.

Crickets are known for their musical chirping sounds. But only male crickets chirp. They also chirp when they want to attract female attention.😋 Some species of crickets are even mute.

Being omnivores, they normally rely on dead plants, fungi, and other plants material. In rare cases, they may eat dead or injured crickets or insects like ants.🐜

The only regions, you don’t find crickets are the ones with extremely cold temperature.🥶

Fun Facts
👉 Crickets chirp at a different rate depending on the temperature🌡 – the higher the temperature the higher the rate.
👉 A group of crickets is named as ‘orchestra’.
👉 Crickets are usually nocturnal which explains why we hear them at dusk and at night.🌃
👉 Crickets have compound eyes👀 which enables them to look in different directions at one time.

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