We all love France, for we believe this country has given us the beloved French Fries and French Toast. Just that, it hasn’t. French Fries are Belgian and French toast is English.

But don’t be disappointed. There are still many reasons to love France. Lets have a look at a few of them

France is a large European country, sometimes known at ‘The Hexagon’ because it has six geographical sides. Three sides bordering the sea and three inland sides.

The name France comes from the Latin word Francia, which means ‘The Country Of The Franks’.

Fun Facts

👉Croissant, Waffles and Éclair originated in France.

👉France is the most visited country by tourists.

👉French is the second most studied language in the world after English.

👉The oldest person ever to have walked the earth is French. The lady was 122 years and 164 days old.

👉In 2016 France brought in a law banning all supermarkets from throwing away unused food. It must be distributed to charities – what a wonderful idea!!!

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