Which country comes to your mind🧠 when you hear words like bullfighting or Tomatina festival? That’s right, Spain.🇪🇸

La Tomatina is a festival that is held in Spain in which participants throw tomatoes🍅 and get involved in a tomato fight just for fun!!!

The capital of Spain is Madrid and the currency used in Spain is the Euro.💶

In terms of mother tongue, the Chinese language comes at the first place, and Spanish comes in at second.🤩

The government of Spain is a multiparty democracy and a monarchy. The king and the president rule together. Such peace loving people!!!☮

When you think of Olive Oil, Italy probably comes to your mind at first, but in reality, Spain is producing about 44% of the total amount of Olive Oil in the world!😳

Fun Facts

👉 Spain is home to some of the world’s biggest football clubs such as Real Madrid and Barcelona.⚽

👉 The Spanish National Anthem has no actual lyrics. Music lovers much, eh? 🎶

👉 One of the most famous painters🖌 in the world, Pablo Picasso, belonged to Spain.