Everybody is scared of snakes but what are the snakes scared of? Have you ever given it a thought? Let’s talk about them.

A mongoose is a sleek, fast mammal that’s famous for being a brave snake hunter. Mongooses have sharp claws, quick reactions, and they are resistant to snake venom.

Mongooses are carnivores, that is, they eat meat. There are 33 mongoose species; they live in Europe, Asia and Africa. Besides snakes, mongooses eat lizards, insects, beetles, eggs, fruit, birds and small mammals.

Mongooses use alarm calls to warn others of the presence of danger. On hearing an alarm call, they will quickly rush to the nearest hole for safety. They even put one of the members of the pack on guard, looking for danger.

Fun Facts

👉 Meerkats belong to the mongoose family.

👉 It is illegal to bring a mongoose to the US.

👉 A baby mongoose is called a pub. A group of mongooses can be called a gang, pack, mob or troop.

👉 They don’t dig burrows for themselves instead they move into vacant burrows left by other animals.

👉 Mongoose was a sacred animal in ancient Egypt. Even their mummies have been found in the tombs.

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