What do Doraemon, Shin Chan, Pikachu, and Mario have in common?🤔 Well, apart from being just the most loved and watched cartoon characters, they all come from Japan.🇯🇵 So, let’s learn something about the country that produces so much of entertainment.

This small country is made of four main islands and over 6,850 smaller islands.🏝 Around 12.7 crore people live in Japan.

Japanese trains🚅 are among the world’s most punctual: their average delay is just 18 seconds! Well, we definitely need those in India.

Though many people👥 come from outside and work in Japan, not many outsiders settle there permanently. The population is 98% ethnic Japanese🎎 and so the official language of Japan is Japanese.

Fun Facts

👉 Japan encounters almost 1500 earthquakes in a year. That’s almost 5 Earthquakes every day.🤯 Japan also has 60 active volcanoes.

👉 Mount Fuji is the tallest mountain in Japan. It is a volcanic mountain.🌋

👉 Around 24 billion pairs of chopsticks are used in Japan each year.🙄

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