You might be familiar with the buzzing sound made by different insects like mosquitoes, honey bees, wasps, etc. But have you ever heard of a bird that makes the humming sound? Let’s check this out.🧐

Hummingbirds, the world’s smallest birds, are called hummingbirds for the whirring or humming sound their wings make. A hummingbird can flap its wings up to 70 times per second.😱 That’s fast!!!

Hummingbirds use a lot of energy while flying. In fact, they must eat constantly to fuel their active bodies. Hummingbirds can eat almost twice their body weight in one day! That’s like you eating around 400 hamburgers🍔 each day.

Hummingbirds use their tongues to suck the nectar out of flowers. They also eat bugs.🦗

Hummingbirds’ feet don’t work very well.😮 In fact, these birds can hardly walk. They can rest on flowers or branches.

Fun Facts

👉 Hummingbirds are like helicopters. They can fly sideways, backwards, up and down and even hover in midair.

👉 Depending on the species hummingbirds live on average 3 to 5 years, but some have been known to live as long as 12 years.😇

👉 Most hummingbirds of the United States and Canada migrate over 3000km south to spend winter in Mexico or Central America (Globe🌏 Time!!!).

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