You might have seen this creature in cartoons or movies as one of the most dangerous monsters out there. Well, there is no denying the fact that it does look scary with a big head with bulging eyes and eight arms!!!🐙

But octopuses are one of the most interesting creatures in the sea. Let’s check them out.

Octopuses are invertebrates that mean they have no bones.😮 All octopuses have head surrounded with eight arms, called tentacles. All vital organs are located in their head.

Their colour and size are determined by their environment. Those that live in colder water will be much larger than those that live in tropical (warm) water.🧐

Octopuses are among the most flexible animals on earth. They don’t have skeletons. This means they can squeeze their heads anywhere and slip through.😱

Fun Facts

👉 They have 3 hearts and their blood is blue in colour.🙄

👉 They can change their colour and texture of the skin to blend with the environment and become invisible.😱

👉 It can detach an arm in order to distract predators, and then grow a new one in its place.😉

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