Heba Fatema (Std 7) : Baby-lifting to fitness

Sharanya (Std 6) : The father is good friend of child he is the best care taker what ever the problem the father won’t leave

Rishith (Std 6) : Baby is having fun and feeling great about his dad because his dad is working hard

Adhit Shailesh dargude (Std KG) : That little girl says i am the boss

Aayush tonape (Std 6) : He is loving caring and responsible father

Kanupriya (Std 5) : The man at the gym with the baby in his hind

Kamil Hossain (Std 5) : My child is my energy

Noor khanna : The man has the tatoo around the shoulder .
And is there in the gym

Arnav Gupta (Std 6) : Bodybuilding with keeping the infant on his back. What a combo!!!

RUDRANSH BHARDWAJ (Std 4) : Body Building star …….. The man is carrying a baby on his back in the gym without any problem …….. #REAL BODY BUILDER………

Saanvi (Std 6) : I also want to do weightlifting.

Arpita Malhotra (Std 6) : Baby’s day out with daddy…………….. Wow dad I am inspired No words for appreciation.

Kabir Grewal : Weight of responsibilities

Ankit : What is more important babysitting or gymming. He thinks both.

Ekta Baphana : Daddy a little higher and you will have 8 packs 8n no time.

Vamika : Children are also Stars of body

Shaurya Ranjan : The Man is carrying a baby.

Sumukh Ranjan : Super strong man!

Jinansh Mayur Rambiya (Std Nursery) : Baby in gym with Dad learning body building….

Aayansh Mayur Rambiya (Std Nursery) : My daddy strongest…


Lakshanya A P : I want to be like you dad 🤗

Adhiraj Singh Bagga : A multitasker. A bodybuilder and at the same time a babysitter

Vedansh Rambiya (Std 4) : Ausum tattoo…. DNT mess with my dad…. My daddy strongest….

D .Manvita (Std 3) : Oh I never spent time with my baby let’s take him to the gym

Adit Vasisht (Std 8) : Baby doing exercises with his daddy

Aarya Kulkarni (Std 8) : A single father with multiple powers!!

Naeva (Std 9) : The infant: “I also want to have a body like you daddy.”

Anvi Bapat (Std 2) : Pull papa pull ! You can do it !!!

Vadya Chawla (Std 4) : Be fit

Kanan Chawla (Std 8) : Lifting weight at the gym as well as of responsibilities.

Akshat (Std 7) : Body gyming
Enhancing the weight-baby style

SahanaDeepak (Std 5) : Fun body building with daddy

Asmi Arora (Std 9) : Me and my dad make a awesome team!!

Sourish (Std 6) : Double exercise :Weight on arms,Weight on back Weightlifting is my passion

Pranav Vadhar (Std 7) : Baby girls are their father’s strength even in the gym …