Devansh Vyas (Std 1) : Happy child healthy child

Kalgi (Std 1) : Enjoy your efforts

Asha shetty (Std 1): 3 is my lucky number,,yeppie

Harsha Bhojwani (Std 4) : The greedy, jealous boy

Shlok (Std 2) : The happiness is important in any game

Ruhani Gupta (Std KG) : Kid no. 3 is much happier nd overenjoyed than the kid on 1

Ishani Singh (Std LKG) : Be happy even if you are third

Sharanya (Std 6) : There is always someone to take you up

Sasmit kokane (Std KG) : Happier is the winner

Krishikaa (Std LKG) : One champion girl and one champion boy

Thanishka (Std 2) : Enjoying the sports is most important than winning.

Jagrit gulati (Std 3) : Enjoy every movement in life.

Hriday Makhija (Std 3) : Positive attitude makes one a real winner

D . Manvita (Std 3) : Attitude is more important than rank

Prarthana. G : Run boy run

Avantika (Std UKG) : They played golf. Winner 1 is too shy to show his trophy. The 3rd one won a trophy, he was very happy. Winner 1 was just looking at winner 3 and not showing his trophy.

Krisha Dedhia (Std 6) : Stay happy n keep smiling with whatever you have

Niket Dedhia (Std 3) : Enjoy participation without any prize

Darpan (Std 5) : The one who got the first prize is not at all happy but the one who got the third prize is much more happier

Darpan (Std 5) : The one who got first prize is thinking that the one who got the third prize is so happy..but why?

N.Tanmayee sree (Std 4) : Stay happy and smiling with what you have and what you got . Attitude is more important than rank and winning. .

Aadhya Raghav (Std 4) : This is called not showing off as the I st winner is not that happy like the 3rd winner

Aayansh Mayur Rambiya (Std nursery) : Small Bhai is sad n big Bhai is happy

Jinansh Mayur Rambiya (Std nursery) : Winners of race…. I also came first in race

Vedansh Rambiya (Std 4) : Be happy in everything…. It’s not rank that matters but efforts that matter…. Boy who came first is not happy n boy who came 3 is much happier…..

Archith (Std KG) : I got 3rd prize though I wasn’t well

Shrihan goyal (Std kg) : First sad
Third enjoying

Jason shah Singh : Happy in the sun

Jasna shah : Winners and losers don’t matter
It’s participating that does

Tanvi (Std 2) : Third is more happy than first one

RUDRANSH BHARDWAJ (Std 4) : The boy has gone crazy afterall he had came 3rd in the game and the boy who came first is looking at him in surprise

Hitarthee Patel (Std 1) : Be happy even you are 3rd.

Krishikaa (Std LKG) : One champion girl and one champion boy

Anvi Bapat (Std 2) : What…you got 3? Oh..I got only 1

Shamitha (Std 2) : Why he is so happy?! I should be happy.

Vamika : Enjoying is more then winning the game.

Kartikeya goyal (Std 2) : Position doesn’t matter happiness is more important.