Anonymous : Wow teacher you know to play the guitar

Shamitha (std 2nd) : Wow teacher you know to play the guitar

Avantika (std UKG) : I see a princess and a Batman. The teacher is playing a guitar. The children are singing “Ooo”

Aayansh Mayur Rambiya (std nursery) : Music time……

Vedansh Rambiya (std 4th) : Teacher playing guitar n kids njoying n singing….

Jinansh Mayur Rambiya (std nursery) : Guitar class is going on .. kids learning guitar

Sahana Deepak (std 5th) : Interesting 🎶🎵🎶music…

Anvi Bapat (std 2nd) : We are singing champs !!

Aadhya Raghav (std 4th) : Double bonus
1. The teacher knows to play guitar 😀😀
2. The children know how to sing 😛😛

= Complete music 😎😎😎😅😅😅🤣🤣

Mrinal chaudhary (std 4th) : Who sings together,stays together

Vamika : Let’s sing. Music is a fun to do. 🎼🎷🎸🎹📯🎻🎺🥁🎵🎶📻

Raavi mann (std 2nd) : singing 🎶 is olala🎹🎤🎼🎧🎵🎶❤️👏

Aadya Mehta (std 1st) : ” सा रे गा मा पा,,,,पा,,,, पा,,,,,पा,,,,,, !”
गा रहे हैं संग हम सब अपने TEACHER के !

Apaar Mehta (std 2nd) : Obedient Students…….singing sweetly…..

Aarav Mehta (std 2nd) : ” We shall over come…” some day…with Music teacher.

Yashisa kiran (std 2nd) : Kids areenjoing the music huraaaa😘❤️

Kartikeya (std 2nd) : Kids are enjoying the music and singing …

Arya desai (std 1st) : Ready to rock

Kabir Vijay Khanna (7 years) : Learning Music

Kabir Vijay Khanna (7 years) : Musicians in Making

Aditya kalra std kg : kids are enjoying music so as I 😊🎸🎸

Bruhadrath (std 3rd) : “Learning Music”

Kabir Rukhaiyar (std 3rd) : Everyone was shocked that she played very good – ,

Vinita sutaria : Babu doing ooohhh

Pahini Gupta (std 4th) : Kids r singing merrily

Samaya : Where there is a will there is a way

Vihaan gunjikar (std 1st) : Teacher is teaching a song to the kids.

Ayansh mayur Rambiya (std nursery) : music time

Jinash Mayur Rambiya (std nursery) : Taecher teaching guitar to kids

Vedansh Rambiya (std 4th) : Kids learning guitar…relax time..

Anvi Bapat (std 2nd) : We are singing champs…

Avantika (std ukg) : I see a princess and a batman. The teacher is playing a guitar. The children are singing “Ooo”..

Harshvardhan (std 1st) : Children enjoying their music!…

Anshita Mohapatra (std 4th) : Children who are sitting in the front are really intrested in music and enjoying learning music while children at the back are not at all interested in music.. they are making funny faces and seems like they are very bored..

Sahana Deepak (std 5th) : Intresting music..

Vardaan karn (std 3rd) : Wonder Kids

Safety (std kg) : All the friends are singing together

Ramya : The caption is “Wow….. What a song”

D.Adhesh Kumar (std ukg) : kids are singing with the guitarist

Avanya singh (std ukg) : Hi… My child gave them caption ” toffee singers ” as she said that singers Voice are sweet n melodious as toffee…n these are the kids so they are more sweeter tht’s y ” TOFFEE’s singer 😄😄

Deepshikha Singh: * TOFFEE singers..

Shalmali (std 3rd) : singing together.

Sarthak kadam (std kg) : la la la

Pranvi Maheshwari  (std 2nd) : I didn’t know that singing could be so much fun!!!