Vamika : Small children also want to learn how to use computer.🤔🧐👩‍💻🖥️💻⌨️🖨️🖱️

Aahana Mitta (std 3) : Techy kid 😎


Mrinal chaudhary : Smart generation next

samriddhi haswani (std 1) : baby hving fun time at daddy’scomputer

Sanvi Sharma : Exploring is the best way to learn

Uma Shankar (std 4) : This baby is genius 💻💻🍼🍼😋😋🖱️🖱️📕📕📕🤣🤣🤣…..

Kanika Roy : Baby with nipple in his mouth is learning to play games in the computer in lockdown…🍼🍼🍼🍼💻💻💻🖱️🖱️😋😋😜😜

Anshita Mohapatra : A baby working on a computer 💻.The baby is an Einstein.

Triman Dua (std 4) : Genius kid working on computer with nipple in mouth☺

Pahel savla (std 1) : Baby playing with keyboard and hold nipple in mouth

S.Raaja Sharvani : Baby is learning computer

Krishikaa (std LKG) : Baby is working

Gayathri : A Kid in a diaper writing a paper

Jiya khan. : 🌷🌹💖🌺 : Having fun with playing with computer.😯😯😯

Mehar : Even the kids are having online classes

Veer (std 4) : Babies day out at the office

Charuvrat : Baby also wants to work on the computer

Apaar Mehta (std 3) : Lockdown period…. best use of it…learning computer my self ……

Advik : Don’t underestimate me….cause I m a kid ?

Aadya Mehta (std 2) : I can oprate Computer…

Aarav Mehta (std 3) : Work from home…

Angel Gupta : Child imitating parents

Jasna Shah : Baby soothing digital media 💻 📱

Sharma : Baby work day

Vihaan Gunjikar (std 2) : Baby in a diaper with lipstick playing with the laptop

Ritvi Dube (std KG) : Baby playing with computer

Hashim rahman k s : E learning is the future of education