Adit Vasisht (std 8th) : Extreme overload

Kaustav Singla (std 6) : They didn’t get a truck to take things to their new house so they have made their car a truck🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Shorya Agarwal (std 5th) : Love yourself love others pass through greenry dont press anyone near you..

Abhi Shikta saaj (std 6th) : A journy of breakless burdens..

Risha bha (std 5th) : The car is overloaded..

Krithya : So much stuff and that too on the main road on a single vehicle, it is dangerous. Some of the items might fall off and injure somebody so. it is a loss for the person who is injured and the person who was carrying the items

Krithya : The fields in the background are very attracting . The look so beautiful with the palm trees and the long grass.

Krithya : They seem like scrap collectors as they have variety of stuff that looks like a little old like rugs ,boxes bags etc.

Anya bari : Desi road trip!😂

Likhitha (std 7th) : Shifting is not an easy task

Ekta Baphana : Let’s go for an adventure about finding the true meaning of life. You come with nothing and go with nothing but memories you will always cherish.

Arshnoor : Bhar te tale car

Karanveer singh : good luck moving home

Kiran : Let’s go for journey..