👉🏻Sheema(Std 4): They are sitting together to keep warm
👉🏻Manvita (Std 3): Silly monkeys are hugging together
👉🏻Anshul nagrath (Std 5): Central monkey has itching and all are scratching him
👉🏻Arnav mali (Std 3): Unity is strength
👉🏻Khush bansal (Std 1): These are monkeys and they are hugging each other
👉🏻Naina singla (Std 5): The monkey family is in the mood of selfie
👉🏻Aarohi modi (Std KG): The five Pouties
👉🏻Sidharth bhyri (Std 4): little brown coat jungle family
👉🏻Abhinita (Std 1): oh god our exams
👉🏻Siddharth kapoor (Std KG): BE loving and caring
👉🏻Veer (Std 1): Pout time for click
👉🏻Maneet Singh (Std 5): Monkey family enjoying the pose in Rock garden
👉🏻Vadya Chawla (Std 4): Friends forever
👉🏻Jagrit gulati (Std 3): Celebrating Hugging Day.
👉🏻Mrinal chaudhary (Std 4): Unity is strength..
👉🏻Syeira (Std 1): Hum paanch
👉🏻Samar Arora (Std 6): Thandi aayìiiiiiiiiii re
👉🏻Ishpreet Kaur (Std 7): Monkey love….!!!!!!
👉🏻Apaar Mehta (Std 2): A Family lives together
👉🏻Aarav Mehta (Std 2): What a cute family
👉🏻Tiya Jetley (Std 2): Ahhhhhh!!! They look so cute cuddled monkeys – Feeling cold hha need jackets
👉🏻Shyla Seth (Std 7): Motherly love!!
👉🏻Saket class (Std 2): Together we can win the fear.
👉🏻Aadya Mehta (Std 1): Plz.,take my PIC…also……
👉🏻Japkirat Singh (Std 6): Animals are more loving than we are
👉🏻Aunhar (Std 6): We are ready for 2019 beauty awards
👉🏻Sanvi Sharma (Std 4): Monkeys – take a pos and have a pic.
👉🏻Aditya dash (Std UKG): loving family
👉🏻Abhinav Arora (Std 5): The earth of 4019!! Apes replaced extinct humans!!!!!!
👉🏻Saanvi (Std 6): We are BFF and are huddling together because it is very cold out here.
👉🏻Abhimav Arora (Std 5): See the image closely. There are humams in outfits of apes
👉🏻Ritvik maini (Std 5): Company of each other is a blessing
👉🏻Niyati Bansal (Std 5): Lovely family
👉🏻Raavi (Std 2): Group hug!!!
👉🏻Kaustav Singla (Std 6): Monkeys enjoying a photo shoot
👉🏻Kanan Chawla (Std 8): Brotherhood
👉🏻Vamika (Std 4): Love in a monkey family
👉🏻Likhitha (Std 7): love and unity
👉🏻Rhea Sharma (Std 1): Monkeys loves hugs!
👉🏻Tanush Kumar (Std 5): A joint family living with peace and harmony
👉🏻Jason shah (Std 1): Family hug of love
👉🏻Jasna Shah (Std 5): It’s bond o’clock
👉🏻Yash class (Std 2): Monkeys with happy faces
👉🏻Shabad Preet Kaur (Std 1): Ready for family photo, Smile please
👉🏻Maahira (Std 2): Hugging each other
👉🏻Aarohan (Std KG) : Loving together
👉🏻Choksh Jindal (Std 2): The monkeys are together for a family photo
👉🏻Tisha roy (Std 4): Monkey family !Lol!
👉🏻Diya (Std 5): 1 picture please!!!!!
👉🏻Rudra Narayan Sahoo (Std 3): Loving and caring
👉🏻Swiyyadeep Kaur (Std 7): Love and unity of a loving family
👉🏻Aisha (Std 2): What are u looking at
👉🏻Adit Vasisht (Std 8): Helping a real life saviour
👉🏻Sachreet (Std 6): Monkeys are real friends🤝🐒
👉🏻Saanvi Rohilla (Std 8): Pose yourself for the pic
👉🏻Smitakshi Roy (Std 2): The happy family
👉🏻Shivansh (Std 4): A group of monkeys with their mother hungry
👉🏻Shreya Singh (Std 9): Have some chill pill
👉🏻Aanya Bari (Std 6): SAY CHEESE!!
👉🏻Krithya (Std 5): Aw! A monkey family
👉🏻Michelle Philip(Std 4): Chal beta selfie lele re