👉Manvita (Std 3): Funny boy’s legs

👉Taikhumjawadi (Std 7): Exercise with strong legs

👉Mantra jain (Std 1): A little yogiraj in different stunt

👉Parth rothe (Std 1): Rolly

👉Aarav (Std 5): Twinkle twinkle little stars,this baby is a superstar

👉Florentina (Std 1): do it yourself

👉Hazel (Std 5) : Brilliant idea of a brilliant baby

👉Jagrit gulati (Std 3): New generation new thinking

👉Ayush Raturi (Std 7): A little baby is hungry

👉Bhvya (Std 8): don’t want to use my hands

👉Arshia (Std 1): Self dependent

👉Prisha (Std 6): New style of new generation

👉Mrinal chaudhary (Std 4): Generation next

👉Ishpreet kaur (Std 7): This age is the best age!!!!!!!
No work , no studies, no tension etc….

👉Hitansh (Std 1): Any one can drink with hand …..yeh karke dikhao pehle yeh karke dikhao

👉Sanvi Sharma (Std 4): Lets modernise our way of drinking milk with new generation

👉Rudra Narayan Sahoo (Std 3): new way to drink milk

👉Tishay (Std 3): Oh! Drinking milk with foot

👉Akshat (Std 7): Wow! What a convenient, milk drinking, modernised, cute, cuddly, chubby machine-A BABY

👉Saanvi Srivastava (Std 4): You can’t always get a helping hand…

👉Niyati Bansal (Std 5): New born baby drinking milk with his feet new generation

👉Pratham Sood (Std 6): Our nation and babies are Also progressing

👉Samyan Arora (Std 7): Enjoying drinking milk

👉Swiyyahdeep Kaur (Std 7): Modish way of drinking milk

👉Abhinav Arora (Std 5) : New way of resting hands and drinking milk but from old movies and discovered by a baby!!!!!!

👉Arav gupta (Std 6): Feet milk contest

👉Maneet Singh (Std 5): Alien human drinking milk

👉Jasna shah (Std 5): Milky feet

👉Jason shah (Std 1): Foot milk drinker

👉Devanshi (Std 5): Drinking milk with legs oOO

👉Siya (Std 2): Baby is drinking milk with his legs

👉Yashika Gupta (Std 2): Hungry baby

👉Yash class (Std 2): The baby is sleeping and drinking milk

👉Diya josan (Std 5): Baby on work cheers

👉Atharv Mittal (Std 4): Drinking with legs is awesome style for babies.Have your own passion.

👉Aarav Goel (Std 6): !!!!!Exercising With Milk !!!!!

👉Abhinav Arora (Std 5): Some babies become crazy in licking their toes that they start doing everything with their toes!!!!

👉Kashvi Thukral (Std 3): Multitalented

👉Evaan Thukral (Std 7): Yoga style

👉Lavanshika Mahendru (Std 2): Finding new ways to be lazy

👉Ritvik maini (Std 5): When style quotient gets a upper hand

👉Aunhar (Std 6): Getting ready for the baby gymnastic competition

👉Shabad Preet Kaur (Std 1): Flexible baby

👉Soumya Narula (Std 7): Self service

👉Aadya Mehta (Std 1) : Now it’s feet’s turn…HANDS ‘I am tired want rest’…….

👉Ridham Bansal (Std 5): Sparing hands, using feet……. New generation for u

👉Choksh Jindal (Std 2): The baby is holding bottle with his feet.

👉Jaymeet Singh Sabarwal (Std 3): A baby boy has no parents

👉Japkirat Singh (Std 6): I invent my own styles, I Never copy someone

👉Akshaj Bharti (Std 1): Hands at rest..legs will do the rest..

👉Yashvi (Std 2): 21st century Self dependent babies

👉Sharanyaa (Std 5): Our legs are equally skilled as our hands.

👉Varenyaa (Std 4): Baby Gymnast

👉Naitik Rajiv (Std 6): Power Yoga in Babies

👉Mohit mundra (Std 4): The baby and the milk

👉Vadya Chawla (Std 4): The babies love in style

👉Tejasmruthi (Std 5): Baby on work !! Do not disturb …

👉Tiya Jetley (Std 2): Self dependant , Does not need mamma’s help, Good job

👉Kirti Khanna (Std 6): Going in gymnastics.. – A plan from beginning 🙂🙂

👉Jaiteshwar Singh (Std 6): An invention from a creative baby!

👉Nimit Gupta (Std 6): Thug life

👉Siddhant Gupta (Std 2): New generation baby— by birth gymnastics….

👉Krithya (Std 5) : He might be very flexible like me because I do yoga

👉Adhiraj Singh Bagga (Std 6): baby drinking milk with his or her legs

👉Seerat Chug (Std 3): Flexible child

👉Aditya Shankar(Std 1): Crazy baby

👉Ria Gupta (Std 2): A relief for the parents. You don’t have to be with the baby all the time!!