👉Dhruvin jani (Std 7): The mushroom has turned into thor.

👉Manjeet kaur (Std 5): The burning tree

👉Moumita Ghosh (Std 5): This looks like a bomb which was dropped at hiroshima and nagasaki

👉Jaiteshwar Singh (Std 6): Nuclear blast atomic

👉Lakshanya A P (Std 5): This explosion will destroy our beautiful earth and environment . 

👉Kirti Khanna (Std 6): A mind blasting disaster 😳😳

👉Pranav Sachdeva (Std 9): Nuclear Danger

👉Anshra (Std 8): Anger coming in the form of lava#anger is bad for health

👉Adhiraj Singh Bagga (Std 6): An imaginary site of the brain . 

👉Nimit Gupta (Std 6): Explosions – I want eruptionnn

👉Riansh Gupta (Std 8): The earth’s big bang

👉Adit Vasisht (Std 8): Big scale effect of terrorism 🥺

👉Aarav Singla (Std 5): Erupting Volcano Ring

👉Avyan Singla (Std UKG): My favourite shining orange ring 

👉Soumya Narula (Std 7) : The explosion

👉Ayush Raturi (Std 7): A little dispute can led to a big problem!!!!!!

👉Raghav Guleria (Std 8): The most disasterable war that led to nuclear explosion in Japan

👉Aarav Goel (Std 6) : Action leads to reaction 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯💥💥💥!!

👉Niyati Bansal (Std 5): The disastrous explode of volcano 😮😮

👉Shivansh Sharma (Std 8): NUCLEAR BLAST BOOOOM!

👉Saanvi  (Std 6): Biggest volcano blast

👉Akshat (Std 7): Don’t Worry! Hiroshima and Nagasaki are experienced 😉😉

👉Shyla Seth (Std 7): The natural disaster

👉Naitik Rajiv Garg (Std 6): No gadgets for a month!!! A child’s mind would be like👆👆👆👆

👉Bhvya (Std 8): If a child will study for hours …….
A child’s mind would explode like this ……..

👉Yugal (Std 9): It is the thing by which human race will extent

👉Tanush Kumar (Std 5): Nuclear Test Explosion – ‘Smiling Budhha’

👉Maneet Singh (Std 5): Stop using atomic bombs. Save nature save life

👉Sourish (Std 8): It is looking like a nuclear explosion
And also in a shape of mushroom
Or when you study too much the mind goes

👉Abhinav Arora (Std 5): No worries it is just a star dying and exploding

👉Jasna Shah  (Std 5): Volcanic Venus

👉Jason shah (Std 1): Venus explosion

👉Vivaan (Std 7): Bomb exploded on Venus

👉Devanshi (Std 5): Volcano erupt

👉Rhythm (Std 8): Shiva =energy ,release of shiva =destruction

👉Hritiv Jindal (Std 5): Human activities ,killing our planet

👉Ankita (Std 8): It looks like it is a nuclear explosion 💥

👉Ritvik maini (Std 5): The explosion is powerful!!!!
All because of human activities

👉Samyan Arora (Std 7): Meeting of desert and heaven


👉Arin Pal (Std 7): Apocalyptic Mushroom!

👉Hazel (Std 5): Bullet explosion

👉Japkirat Singh (Std 6): I prefer a cloud of happiness instead of mushroom cloud and the blast of joy instead of atomic blast

👉Kabir grewal (Std 9): The tragedy of modern age

👉Aryan (Std 9): A small fire before can cause an explosion like this after

👉Arpita Malhotra (Std 6): This will happen one day on our motherland,Earth if we continue polluting our surroundings, do global warming etc.
It seems to be a tree which is bursting due to our irresponsibility and misguiding the youth.

👉Jaymeet Singh Sabarwal (Std 3): Volcano reaching up the clouds

👉Anand Raj Singh (Std 9): Light Leading to Darkness

👉Ishpreet kaur (Std 7): Boom such a great blast!!!!!! can happen!!!

👉Ankit (Std 9): It is easy to fight but difficulty might stop your race
This is main difficulty you need to face

👉Diya josan (Std 5): The scary lava flow 😦😦😦😦😦😦

👉Likhitha verma (Std 7): If small things are not solved before they will 💥 boom or blast💥💥💥💥💥