👉Arnav (Std 8): Making the protectors awake with a tea
👉Tisha roy (Std 4): The soldier is tired and needs green tea ,JAI HIND!!
👉Ankita (Std 8): Helping our soldiers
👉Anshra (Std 8): Have green tea it will make you help to fight more strongly
👉Kabir grewal (Std 9): Helping the helpers
👉Bhvya (Std 8): Let’s cheers ………. We’ve defeated the terrorists
👉Atinder (Std 9): Love is returned
👉Saket class (Std 2): Care by share.
👉Shivansh Sharma (Std 8): Protecting who protect us
👉Priyanshi Arora (Std 8): Serving the Saviour
👉Prisha (Std 6): Soldier camp becomes hotel
👉Raavi (Std 2): Soldier camp
👉Vadya Chawla (Std 4): Tea makes soldiers awake
👉Tishay (Std 3): Cheering with Soldiers
👉Adit Vasisht (Std 8): Having a tea break at work
👉Samyan Arora (Std 7): Caring for the protectors of the country
👉Yashvi (Std 2): Tea lover
👉Navika (Std 7): Compassion Is Everywhere
👉Diya (Std 5): Taking care of our soldier’s health
👉Vadya Chawla (Std 4): Serving those who are serving our nation
👉Kanan Chawla (Std 8): Healthy and energizing
👉Aarya Kulkarni (Std 8): Love others.. and love will come back to you like a boomerang.. Jai Hind!
👉Vamika (Std 4): Indian soldiers are grate. We salute them.
👉Naitik Rajiv Garg (Std 6): Family time!!!
👉Sourav (Std 10): Care for our saviours
👉Vadya Chawla (Std 4): Serving those who are serving our nation
👉Anand Raj Singh (Std 9): Tea Time
👉Naina (Std 8): Love for our country
👉Aryan (Std 9): Looking like a poor is offering a cup of thanks to the solider for they are protecting their country
👉Swiyyadeep Kaur (Std 7): The story behind cup of tea
👉Masood (Std 8): They are showing the face of sadness to get food.
👉Adit Vasisht (Std 8): Helping a real life saviour
👉Pranav Sachdeva (Std 9): Humanity is the first religion
👉Ayaan kapoor (Std 6): Unification is strength of life