The bushfires (forest fires) raging across Australia have had a devastating impact on the country’s unique flora and fauna. Reports estimate that more than half a billion animals have lost their lives in just one state.

The native animals of Australia: kangaroos, koala, cassowary, emu and platypus are in danger. It is noted that, up to 30% of their homes are destroyed.

5 million hectare of land has been burnt, destroying 2,000 homes. It is even reported that twenty people have lost their lives.


Situation is severe; New Wales is already on high alert. The firefighters from various nations such as US , Canada and New Zealand have jumped in to support the fatigued crew.


Scientists have blamed the intense forest fires on Global Warming, which occurs due to excessive heating.

Our atmosphere is made up of layer of gases such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen and methane. When sunrays strike the earth these gases trap the sunlight and keep the earth warm at nights.


Right now, we are adding more carbon dioxide and methane because of our activities. The result of these additional gases is more heat gets trapped on Earth, causing Global Warming.

People have started to realize the consequences of their actions and have started to look out for ways to reduce global warming.

What can you do to reduce global warming and help the world?

  1. Plant more and more trees so that plant absorb the carbon dioxide.


  1. Walk and use bike instead of car this will give you a workout and will reduce pollution


  1. Recycle waste instead of burning it