You must have seen a rainbow in the daytime but have you seen a rainbow at night. Probably not, because of this a Polar light.

Polar light is a light that exists only in the poles. These polar lights are better known as AURORA.

Aurora is the reddish and green light that form in the sky due to disturbance in the thermosphere (one of the layers of the atmosphere) due to solar winds.

The light on the North Pole is called northern light or the Aurora Borealis, it means wind from the goddess of dawn. The light on the South Pole is called Aurora Australis.

Many people come to see this natural wonder of the world in the aurora season. It occurs in Norway, Alaska, and Sweden, etc.



Fun fact-

They resemble a dancing curtain of light

Aurora also occurs in the neighboring planet like Jupiter, Mars, and Venus. It is the same as the Earth.





Many ancient ancestors worshipped the Auroras. The Alaskan legend says they were considered souls of the Deer, salmon and polar bear. It was considered pure light. The Vikings believed it is the weapon of a brave and immortal warrior.



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