Got scolded by your parents and got teary-eyed?🥺 Or got hurt while playing and you couldn’t control your tears? You must have noticed that in such situations most of the times our response is crying. But have you ever thought why do we cry?🤔 Let’s find out!!!

When we experience any strong emotion such as extreme happiness😄 or sadness; A system in our brain gets activated and this system informs the lacrimal glands (tear glands) present below our eyebrows to produce tears which make us cry.😪

Did you know that we have three types of tears? Yes, we do. They are:

Basal tears – They clean and lubricate your eyes all the time.

Reflex tears – They come out when your eyes are irritated😣 by outside particles like onions or pollen.

Emotional tears – This one needs no explanation!

Have you ever felt better after crying?🙂 Well, this is because emotional tears contain natural painkillers that help stabilize our mood. Tears produced during emotions contain stress hormones. So, crying might be our body’s way of getting rid of such stress,🥳 Thus helping us in feeling better.

Besides this, crying😭 can sometimes get you out of trouble also. By crying you can get the sympathy of the attacker thus, increasing the chances of survival.😎

Fun facts

👉 Your eyes👀 keep on producing tears even if you don’t cry. They do this to keep your eyes clean.

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