Lohith :
Human beings follow traffic rules,
Animals follow no rules.

Aarav Mehta (std 3) : Chaar Yaar….

Aadvik Mehta (std 5) : Bike par nikali apni Savari….

Darpan : Three people are taking the monkey to it’s home even during lockdown.It is so nice to see such kindness.

S.Suba Thrishika (std UKG) : Monkey also should wear helmet.

Sarthak joshi (std 5) : Helping monkey during lockdown

Vedansh… (std 5) : 4 people on one bike is dangerous…. Traffic police will take fine

Aayannsh Rambiya…… (std nursery) : One uncle two uncle three uncle n monkey going on bike…. But 4 people not allowed

Veer (std 4) : People taking a monkey to a safe place in lockdown

Mehar (std 6) : Lets go for a fun ride together

Tanvi Kakarala (std 3) : Monkey with 3 men

Kartikeya Goyal : A ride with their ansectors..

Sharma : Pet monkey ride a bike.

Jiya khan : Having fun in the jungle ride.😍

Jiya khan : Having fun in the jungle ride

Mrinal chaudhary : Please follow traffic rules

Ananya Bhuyan (std 6) : Animals now find this the best opportunity to have a long ride on the road with ease due to the absence of traffic.

Aditya Virupaksham : Monkey friends

Aarya Kulkarni (std 8) :
Hum chaar sath hai…..
Bandar mera sathi….

Shabad Preet Kaur (std 2) : Not obeying traffic rules

Sanvi Sharma (std 5) : Hugging these type of foolish human beings is the biggest foolishness

Abhinav Balaji : Long long ago humans we’re monkeys and our forefathers let them get ride by breaking quarantine rules .

Taanish (std 4) : Monkey going back to it’s place during lockdown

Abhiveer Sharma (std 5) :
Clever Monkey
This is how Monkey travels
Sabka sath sabka vikas

Jinanash Rambiya …(std nursery) : Monkey going for ride on bike…

Sanvi sharma (std 2) : Hugging these fools is the biggest foolishness 🐒don’t do

Hashim rahman : Lock down#please wear mask

Rupali (std kg) : A monkey sitting on that bike human

Charuvrat (std 5) : Monkey also want to take a Ride