Jaskirat Singh (std 7) : Buffalo is eating and the girl is reading.

Ananya Bhuyan (std 6) :
1) Everyone has their own way of learning and studying because everyone’s unique.
2) In fact, it sounds too good to be true that humans and animals can make quite a good conection when it comes to studying.
3) Who says you can’t lie down on a buffaloe comfortably and read your text book?
4) Well, the buffaloe indeed doesn’t seem to mind😉…….

Hritiv, (std 6) : My bull bed and bull table

Karan : Awesome concentration level

Aarti : In nature’s class

Surinder : Duty and studies together

Kapil : Because light goes at night

Yogesh : Multitasking…

Neha : This way suits me best

Akshay : Exams are near…

Ravinder Kaur : Buffalo doesn’t mind that!

Ankush : Childhood Friends

Raman : Watch out! The horns are sharp!

Mehta : Taking self-studies at a whole new level!

Manish : If both are happy nobody should complain