Ahana Goel (std 2) : Dog trying to write on the computer and trying to move the mouse.

Sanjay : The dog is typing in the computer keyboard

Janani : The dog πŸ• is typing an email to his boss.

Mahir Agarwal : The dog is sending an email to another πŸ•.

Krishikaa : Busy Buzzy Coder

Anshita Mohapatra (std 5) : One dog is working on the computer while,his brother is playing.

Playing dog : Hey bro .Leave the boring compu and join to play.

Working dog : Bro I am having online classes here and plus, I told you it’s computer and not compu and let me study.

Playing dog: Ah ! Whatever!

Working dog: *laughing*

S. Raaja Sharvani (std 5) : Hello πŸ‘‹ I am your computer science teacher 😁.

Niyati Prabhu (std 4) : πŸ• Dogs also wants to study . On online classes πŸ˜ƒ

Yuvakshi Dutt Upadhyay (std 5) : Dog like to play on computer

Aditya mittal : A boss has weared a dog suit in the winter but he is human being

Aditya mittal : The boss has bored in the office so he is wearing dog suit

Shanaaya : Dog boss

Ayaan Hamza : The dog has bored and he is playing game in computer

Ananya : Who says β€˜It’s a dog’s life’…

Pankaj : The year 2100…