Hannah (std 7) : This school bus photo: * exists *
Me:When did the schools reopen?
Me again: is it just the bus or did the schools turn like this too ?

Anurav (std 8) : This is G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All Time)
Hats Off to such a brilliant mind.🤩🤩

Jiya Khan : Helping each other. Even busses and non living things also help each other 👐👐😄😃😃😃

SARTHAK JOSHI (std 5) : Rotating bus

Viraj Mehta : There are up side down bus because if 1 bus tyer is punchered so bus on the up would be down

Vanshika Desai : First time in my life I’ve seen an eight wheeler ( upside down bus 🚌 ) omg 😮 great 👍 invention

Trisha : up side down bus

Saaanvi : There is a double decker bus and this is a double sided bus in which u can drive both ways good luck on a opposite journey

Jahnvi : Now, no kid misses the bus…

Karun : A Double Decker of a different kind
Dekhte reh jaoge!

Balvinder : When things go upside down…

Krishna : Aftermath of a strange accident

Raj : Now our school bus grabs everyone’s eye
It has a terrace too…

Suraj : New invention

Mohammad : Double sided bus

Neha : 8 wheeler