Ananya Bhuyan (std 6) :
1) This is a caption of an athletic race being held.
2) The athletes are quite agile, fast and flexible.
3) This is seen as they are all running with a huge intensity and are at the same time jumping over the equipment being kept in the different possible ways to pace up their speed.
4) In other words, they are simply just combining gymnastics and athletic workouts as a unique combination.
5) “FITNESS FOR LIFE” indeed being maintained.

Hritiv, (std 6) : Let’s jump 😅

Noya Nityam (std 7) : If it is the hurdle of life then
orange one- i am gonna cheat everyone what they do i will do the same!!
red one – oh yeah, nice question paper i have some different, sweet and extraordinary answers!!

Noya Nityam : Orange one be like, ”I am going to win the hurdles, I WAS 👶BORN FOR IT, I AM THE🙌🌏MASTER!!”
Red one be like,”Oh yeah, this is easy let’s try something😎 EXTRAORDINARY, because I am here to run and 🤸‍♂️BACK FLIP like a PRO! AND I AM HERE TO 🏃‍♂️RUN NOT TO 🏆WIN SO IT DOES❌ NOT MATTER!!”

Arav Gupta : Lets do some hurdles of life

Adit Vasisht : Mister fantastic

Viraj Mehta : They are trying to jump the hurdles in a different way hat they can attract spectators and trying to tell us that how good we can do.

Niyati Prabhu (std 4) : Most athletic people in the world buy there shoes

Noor : This picture describes the importance of healthy workout. As, hurdles race is demonstrated, there are also many more outdoor games which can be played. In this Covid-19 pandemic, children are studying through the internet. But the disadvantage, it caused is the need of exercise. Which will help in memorising this faster and easier. So, always keep aiming and focusing on your goal. But do not neglect your health for your studies. Because, time when one gone never came again.👍👍
So, the CAPTION will be:
Do exercise and broke out this Pandemic 🤘🤘

Noor : This=things

SARTHAK JOSHI (std 5) : Running

Niyati Bansal (std 6) : A hurdle race and a Marathon runner trying to jump through the hurdle in an amazing wat

Tanush Kumar (std 6) : Marathoner trying to jump the hurdle in a different way in the Hurdle race