Arshika Sharma : Cute bear is sitting on the table & waiting for friend .

Karthik Raj (std 6) : Why are you looking at me! Bring my lunch soon. I am hungry..I come here to have your food as you consumed my honey completely!

Yashisa Kiran : The panda is siting to eat .

Ridhansh Gupta (std 4) : A hungry bear eagerly waiting for his lunch . He is sitting quietly on a table , but don’t try and test his patience. Otherwise you will become his lunch .

Ridhansh Gupta. (std 4) : A bear in a jungle, waiting for his lunch .
He is sitting on a bench and eagerly looking towards the ………….

Angel Gupta : Bear having a picnic🐻😊

Advita Soni (std 3) : The bear 🐻 must have seen some food and thought it will also get the same so sat on the table

Advita Soni (std 3) : The bear is hungry so sat on the table😂

Mubashir G Azam (std 5) : He has tried hard and found some food and then he is ready for the food so he is excited for food

Niyati Prabhu : Ready for food

Yashaswi : The bear 🐻 is very hungry and waiting for food to come and sitting on the Bench that’s why I was thinking about it this picture is very hard to identify it for me……..

Vishav : Very polite and carm and waiting for the breakfast.

Ahana Goel (std 2) : the bear looks cool I think he is ready to eat Mr. I would like my food first then we can talk but don’t say about food otherwise you make more food

SubhasmitaBishi Bishi : Am trying to identify the human that how careless they’re about animals like me …after seeing me in table and knowing that am hungry they are busy in they’re life. And they’re ignore me as I nothing than a ignorable … plzzz be careful Ness to animal also. Plzzzzzzzz

Sarvi (std 3) : Hey mom! I am ready for a tasty honey pie….well breakfast time…🍯🍽

Lakshay Gupta : Breakfast time…..😋😋

Hanzla Shamshad : Hye freinds, you seized my home, now I have no fodder ,so you have to feed me

Jayani prusty (std 4) : Hi am bear today am hungry please any one serves food. I am setting on table. For waiting food.

Sanvi Sharma (std 5)🎊🎉aee : Excuse me madam my food s not yet reached . Give give or I shall take you to the court anyways


Jiya : mr.bear is on the table give him a jar Full of honey 🍯👅🐻

Sharma : Bear restraunt

Kartikeya : Ready of my evening snackssssss.. come and joy me …