Ananya Bhuyan (std 6) : Let’s conserve and protect nature! Just as this wooden hand has, trying its best to balance the slanting tree.
Wish all the very best for the same in the future.

Taanish 5th : a helping hand ………… for the nature…….

Adit Vasisht : Taking an initiative to save the environment

Anurav : Mother Nature Taking Care Of Its Partners

Jaiteshwar Singh Dhaliwal : Trees🌳 are precious. They give us all what we need.So , we must take care ❤ of them .

Hannah (std 6) :
Usage 1: attractive at the park
Usage2:supports the tree
Usage3:helps da environment by allowing garbage inside it

Veer : In lockdown trees🌲 are getting weak because they are not getting water that’s why the government has put a magic hand on it to give it a support👻👻😎🤓

Jiya khan : Now no humans are paying attention to the mother nature especially in this lockdown.
So mother nature is taking care of herself ☺️😆

Saanvi (std 7) : Tree: Oh thanks a lot for supporting me
Hand: Ur most welcome
Friend in need is a friend indeed… Their friendship is like this 👆👆👆

Mehar (std 6) : Save tree save The Mother Earth 🌏🌍🌎

Shaurya Garg (std 7) : A giant sacrificing his hand in order to save the tree

Maanvi (std 5) : Help the nature by giving a hand..🌲🌳🌴🌺🌷😍

Mr.Anonymous : Nice one😜😜😜

Nazia Nagi (std 8) : Don’t make trees rare, keep them with care…

Aman (std 8) : Helping hand

Himanshu (std 5) :  Save the land, extend your hand.

Kaajal  (std 9) : let’s join our hands in saving the environment

Kiran  (std 11) :  every hand is required to save the mother earth

Komal  (std 7) : Let’s save the forests from falling apart