A popular saying🗣 in Hindi translated into English as, “You can’t live in water💦 and make a crocodile🐊your enemy.” Such is the reputation of Crocodile, a feared predator😨.

And Why not, Saltwater Crocodile is also the largest reptile you can find on Earth🌎.

No animal can eat a grown-up crocodile, except a larger crocodile. Yes, Crocodiles are cannibal 👿 (Animals who eat one of their own) and they do so to control their population.

That’s one thing humans👬 should not learn from them.

Interesting facts about Crocodiles

1. The smallest crocodiles, called Dwarf Crocodiles are around 6 Feet long, longer than a tall human being. Not really🤷‍♂ a dwarf!!!

2. Crocodiles have very weak muscles for closing their jaws while very 💪strong muscles for opening them.You can easily hold a Crocodile’s jaw with your hand✊🏻 and prevent it from opening; but one opened, nothing stops🚫 it from closing!!!

3. Alligators are remarkably similar🔄 to Crocodiles but there are differences (Watch the Video)
a. Crocodiles can live in Fresh as well as salt water🌊, while Alligators only live in Fresh water💧
b. Crocodiles are longer↔ and have a V shaped snout, while Alligators have a U-shaped snout

4. “Crocodile Tears”😢 is an Idiom which means fake tears😈 (or false display of emotions). This is because sometimes crocodiles’ eyes👀 become watery while they are eating their prey. This gives a feeling that crocodile is crying for the animal it has just killed and is eating.

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