The Arctic Ocean is the smallest and the shallowest of the world’s five major oceans. It covers only 4% of the Earth’s surface.

The name ‘Arctic’ comes from a Greek word meaning ‘near the bear,’ the bear being The Polar Bear. The Arctic region is home to the North Pole.

It is located in the Northern Hemisphere and is almost completely surrounded by North America and Eurasia, including the countries of Russia, Norway, Iceland, Greenland, Canada and the United States.

The deepest point is Litke Deep in the Eurasian Basin, at 5,450 meters (17,880 feet).

A number of different types of animals make their home in the arctic, including polar bears, whales, jellyfish, walrus and seals. Yes, there are no penguins in Arctic, they are only found in Antarctica.

The Titanic sank because it ran into an iceberg that had broken away from a glacier from the Arctic Ocean.

Although the Arctic Ocean is covered by an ice cap, the ice cap is decreasing in size due to global warming and pollution. If it continues to melt, it is possible that eventually there will be no more ice in the Arctic Ocean. This may happen by the year 2040.



Pick up the globe and get going!!!

The questions are in increasing level of difficulty!

Q1. This ocean is named after which animal?

Q2. Which country does the island of Greenland belong to?

Q3. Which state of USA is nearest to the Arctic Ocean?

Q4. Which all countries touch Barents Sea?

Q5. Which sea connects Arctic Ocean to Atlantic Ocean?


Below are the Questions from our last post on continents, The Indian Ocean. Let’s see how much you remember!!!

First, try to answer without the globe or map. Take its help when you’re struggling.

Q6. Locate Maldives.

Q7. Which all water bodies will you have to cross if you come from Atlantic Ocean to Indian Ocean?

Q8. Which of the following countries do not touch Indian Ocean?

Q9. Locate Vishakhapatnam, the only natural port on eastern coast of India.

Q10. Locate Persian Gulf.










A1. The Polar bear

A2. Denmark

A3. Alaska

A4. Russia, Finland, Norway

A5. Greenland Sea


A7. Mediterranean Sea, Suez Canal, Red sea.

A8. Kenya, Tanzania.