Watch the video given below and then answer the questions




Nursery/LKG (Q# 1-3)



Q1 –What is the kid holding in her hand?



Q2 – What did the girl draw on the canvas?



Q3 – What did the kid get as her winning prize?




LKG/UKG (Q# 4-5)



Q4 – How many petals does the flower in the image has?



Q5 – Which medal do you get if you finish second in a race?




UKG/1st (Q# 6-7)



Q6 – If in a race, you overtake the person running at the 3rd position, then what position are you at?



Q7 – Your mother gave you Rs. 50 to buy some bread and milk. The milk costed 15 rupees and bread costed 10 rupees. How much money is left with you after you bought both the items.






Activity Time –


List the name of three items that are made from milk. You can take the help of your parents.













A1 – The kid is holding a mic.


A2 – She drew a tree.


A3 – The kid received a trophy.


A4 – 5.


A5 – You get a silver medal.


A6 You are now at the 3rd position.


A7 – Rs. 25 (50 – (15+10))