John F. Kennedy, who was the 35th American🇺🇸 President was assassinated😱 on Nov. 22, 1963 in Dallas, Texas.


He was shot while riding in a presidential motorcade🚗 along with his wife Jacqueline and others.


He was rushed to a nearby hospital where he died😪 about 30 minutes later.

The then Vice President Lyndon Johnson automatically assumed☝ the country’s Presidency upon Kennedy’s death.


Who did it?

Kennedy was shot by a former U.S. Marine, Lee Harvey Oswald from a nearby building🏢.

He was arrested by the police about an hour after the shooting and was charged👉 with the murder of Kennedy.


It came out that Lee had embraced Marxism✊ and defected for some time to the Soviet Union.

However, just two days later, Oswald was murdered himself😯 by a local nightclub owner.


A thorough Investigation

A commission named ‘Warren Commission’, was set up to investigateğŸ”Ž the President’s assassination as well as the death of Oswald.

After a 10-month🗓 investigation, the Commission concluded that Oswald was indeed guilty of JFK’s murder and that he had acted entirely alone.


A Cover-up, say many!

Despite the official finding, Kennedy’s assassination has become the subject of widespread debate🗣 and has given rise to many conspiracy theories😳 and alternative scenarios.


Organized criminal gangs, Cuban exiles and even CIA🕵‍♂ have been blamed to be behind Kennedy’s assassination.

Polls conducted from 1966 till recently have found that more than 2/3rd Americans👨‍🦱 suspected that there was a plot or a cover-up🤫 behind JFK’s assassination.