Imagine being really good at everything that you do, like everything. Be it writing, painting, music, science and even maths. Can you imagine that?


Well, you may or may not be able to do all that but Leonardo da Vinci could. He wasn’t just an incredible artist, he was an inventor, scientist, mathematician, engineer, writer, musician and much more.


He lived during the Renaissance, a cultural movement that led to important developments in areas such as art and science. Leonardo is considered to be the ultimate Renaissance man (someone who is good at everything).


Some of his most famous creations include ‘Mona Lisa’ and ‘The Last Supper’.




Fun Facts


👉 Da Vinci wrote in the opposite direction to what is normal, meaning you’d need a mirror to read it properly.


👉 Da Vinci left several notebooks of his ideas. Bill Gates (the man behind Microsoft) bought some of his notes for $30 million.


👉 Leonardo’s surname Da Vinci simply means ‘of Vinci’, a Tuscan village where he was born.


👉 Believe it or not he never went to school! Instead he was taught reading, writing and maths at home.


👉 He designed an aeroplane and a submarine, hundreds of years before they were built.




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